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Cattery Ragdoll

RAGDOLL ragdoll Lemen was born relatively recently in the 60th 20th century Kalifornii.Ragdollové were bred breeder Anne Baker, who for the breed used cat Josephine.
For Josephine had a car accident occurred intrinsic characteristic of the Ragdoll - after lifting his arms to completely allow muscles to resemble a rag doll (hence the name ragdoll, meaning "rag" - rag "doll" - Doll "). U all Josephininých kittens supposedly this trait also occurred at a breeding to him emphasized.

Properties Ragdoll Cats

Ragdoll cats behave very friendly to people, like cuddling and snuggling and supple. Even with the other cats are doing very well. The Ragdoll is convenient if you have a home any more cats. This will prevent it to suffer loneliness, which can not tolerate. In a sense, they resemble dogs - its owner to watch over and even likes to wear a variety of cat toys

What is the ragdoll cattery?

affectionate pet and breeding quality cat wonderful nature,
very happy cuddling,
is a very tolerant society,
very playful, curious and imaginative,
does not like being alone, the company needs breeder man or the other cats,
follows his owner everywhere,
like retrieving various objects
překrásnýma beautiful cat with blue eyes
loves children
very patient cat
in case of a threat to withdraw into seclusion rather than to use their claws and teeth,
easy care - beautiful fine, long hair.
hair has a tendency to pilling, just 1 week comb.
Welcome to cattery Ragdoll.
We are members of the Association of Breeders in the Czech Republic, our cattery is Camael.CZ zaregistovaná the International Registry FIFe

Ragdoll cats

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